Nik Shenoy – Principal Consultant

nshenoyRole: Head Geek
Schooling: University of Waterloo (BMath, Computer Science)
Experience: 20+ years
Specialties: Architecting systems based on client workflow using leading edge methodologies
Current Projects: EHRFlow, Decision modelling systems, financial guarantee insurance accounting systems

Sue Krech – Principal Consultant

skrechRole: HealthCare Informatics
Schooling: Laurier University, HIMSS certification
Experience: 20+ years
Past Life: Prior to becoming an information technology consultant, Sue worked for several years in the human resources department of a social service agency
Specialties: Lotus Notes client-server and web applications, Sitecore content management
Current Projects: EHRFlow, Working with a number of healthcare providers in the US to implement electronic billing systems

Lidia Rodionova – User Experience Consultant

lrodionovaRole: UI Developer, Graphic Design and Usability
Schooling: UofT, Sheridan, Seneca
Experience 5+ years
Past Life: Web Developer at Tech Data Canada
Specialties: Azure Web Sites, WordPress, .NET MVC
Current Projects: EHRFlow, developing websites, Custom Forms
Past Projects: Second Wind Pilates, Leone Fine Foods

Andrew Krech – Consultant / Man of Mystery

akrechRole: Developer
Past Life:?
Specialties:.NET MVC
Current Projects: EHRFlow
Past Projects: CION