Server monitoring

WorkAround hosts several mission critical client/server systems and web sites. As a hosting provider, we need to know immediately if those sites are unavailable so that we can determine if a server issue is causing the problem. How do we do this?

We currently use Pingdom to remotely monitor our servers. Pingdom offers several critical features:

  1. Protocol based ping tests to verify a server is responding
  2. Storage of response time for each ping

Using this information, WorkAround administrators can be notified quickly if a server fails to respond and we can determine if performance degradation is occurring over time to see if emergency maintenance might be required (before a terminal failure occurs).

Another useful thing that a big cloud service like Pingdom can do is to geographically test your site from various points around the world. If you roll your own ping tester, this is more difficult to accomplish. It may be very important to your web site operations if it’s not accessible from a specific geography.

If you’re not hosting with us, you can still use Pingdom to monitor your own web sites. Don’t let your clients tell you your web site is down: monitor it yourself using the power of the Cloud.

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