Office 365 and Active Sync for Mobile Devices

Some clients have been having issues (especially on their Blackberry’s) with getting their emails from Office 365.

The Problem

Randomly, but fairly frequently, email stops flowing to your mobile device from your Exchange Active Sync account on Office 365.  Your device will prompt you to re-enter your password.  It’s a minor nuisance to re-enter your password every couple days but as long as you get prompted it’s not a horrible issue.

The worse problem is that on BB10 devices, the prompt could take hours to come!  At the time of this writing my Android device prompted for my new password about 8 hours ago, my BB10 device has not prompted me yet!

The (Potential) Solution

I found this quick fix on a blackberry message board which seems to be working so far, but it only applies to BB10 devices.

If your mail server setting defaulted to when BB ‘set up” the account,

  1. go into the email account settings (from the settings icon) open your email account,
  2. select the advanced set up icon at the bottom of the screen (beside the trash icon)
  3. scroll down to server address change it to

In early testing this seems to be causing fewer drops in connectivity.

Let me know if this works for you, and let me know if you have any other insight on these nuisance dropsies.

Note: on my  Android device the server was correctly set to and that account still drops, however my other O365 account it set to (where 12345 is a 5-digit number I didn’t feel like going to look up again right now) and it has not been affected with the dropsies.  I don’t recommend you change your server setting to the pod server because this is an old setting and I don’t believe it’s supported any longer.

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