Office 365

What is Office 365?
Office 365 offers enterprise-class email at reasonable monthly rates. For this reason alone we recommend Office365 to many of our customers. In addition, Office 365 provides virtually anywhere access to familiar Office tools, conferencing, and additional IT services.
More advanced packages of Office 365 include a SharePoint site, instant messaging within your organization and conferencing (Lync), a public website for your company, file sharing services, and licenses for Office desktop applications as well as online versions of Office applications so you can access your documents anywhere.

What are the advantages of Office 365? / Is it for me? / Why do I want it?

  • Anywhere access. Office 365 offers any-time, anywhere access to your mail, documents, website and intranet.
  • Cheapest solution. No need for expensive servers or maintenance – most users can maintain their own Office 365 administration with minimal assistance.
  • Scalability. Buy only the licenses and features that you need. When you need to add users, buy more licenses, when you need more features, add them to your subscription.
  • Support. Microsoft supports their products 24×7, but you can also designate a Microsoft Partner such as WorkAround to handle your administration and support tasks for you.

What is the cost?
In Canada, pricing for small business hosted email start at $4.10 per user per month, ranging up to $15.40 per user per month for mid-size businesses up to 300 users, which includes full subscriptions to Office desktop applications, web apps, mobile apps, spam and malware protection, simple file sharing, web conferencing, intranet sites and more!
You can compare the different business plans here and choose the package that is right for you.

Why WorkAround?
WorkAround is a certified Microsoft Partner. We have years of experience and access to Partner-only resources to help deliver and maintain your Office 365 software. We also believe that your business should benefit from an enterprise-grade solution at reasonable prices. We will work with you to review your needs and make recommendations to improve your productivity and reduce your bottom line.