What is Sitecore?
Sitecore is a content management system (CMS) based on Microsoft’s .NET platform. Sitecore helps you to manage your content using a web browser and includes sophisticated digital marketing and analytics components. Since Sitecore is built on the .NET platform, the customization capabilities are extensive.

Why do I need Sitecore?
Sitecore is beneficial for web sites that have a large amount of content to manage or require advanced digital marketing support (for example, the ability to test multiple ad campaigns for effectiveness). At this level, simpler tools like WordPress can have scalability issues.

Sitecore’s content editing facilities make it easier for end users to update content without having to resort to HTML tags. Sitecore’s extensive application programming interface (API) allows for easy customization. When you’re ready to deploy, Sitecore can scale to multiple content distribution servers.

Why WorkAround?
WorkAround can help you tame your large web sites and get information to your target audiences more quickly with enhanced traceability. We have years of experience in managing and hosting high volume public web sites.