Lotus Notes Custom Development

Does Lotus Notes Still Exist?
Yes. It’s called IBM Notes these days and is still in use in many organizations around the world.

Who uses Lotus Notes?
Large organizations such as banks, hospitals and government offices use IBM Notes. It is a great choice when security is vital.
Small to medium sized organizations also use Notes because it is very good for keeping track of documents and document workflow processes, as well as providing a robust email platform.

Why WorkAround?
The WorkAround team has been developing custom applications in IBM Notes since version 3.0. We know Notes!
We have helped organizations improve workflow processes by implementing Notes solutions to fit their business requirements.

Isn’t Notes just e-mail?
No. Notes does much more than email. Although email is important in daily workflow management, Notes also provides a rapid application development platform that allows for quick customization to meet unique business needs.

I inherited some IBM Notes databases and need to make changes.
Great! We can help you get started by working with you to determine what needs to be restructured and how best to update your applications.
IBM Notes works hard at maintaining backwards compatibility. If you’re running an older version of Notes we can help you upgrade your server, client and applications to ensure you are taking advantage of the latest advances in Notes with minimal changes to your current applications.

Should I migrate to SharePoint?
You may have heard that SharePoint is the Microsoft version of IBM Notes. That isn’t quite accurate. In fact to get all the features of Lotus Notes you would have to install and maintain several Microsoft products.
In some cases, migrating to SharePoint will give you what you need for simple document management. If that’s all you’re looking for – we can help with that too!

What are the best uses for Lotus Notes?
IBM Notes works best as a document and workflow management tool. Its document repository structure contributes to the development of sophisticated approval processes.

Do you host Lotus Notes/Domino?
Yes. We provide hosting for Domino servers. We can help you migrate from your current server environment to our secure server.

What about Lotus Notes Administration?
We do that too.