Custom Development

What is custom software development?
In many cases, your search for off-the-shelf or open source software that can help you run your business will fall short. In rare cases, there will be no applicable software on the market. More often, that software will have functional gaps between what is available and what is required. When this happens, WorkAround can develop some custom software to fill in those gaps and provide you with software that works the way you want.

What environments do we target?
Custom software can be targeted at different user groups and environments. At WorkAround, we have successfully completed projects deployed on intranets, extranets and the public internet. We have deployed client-server, web, mobile phone and office suite applications. We tailor a solution to your target environment and budget.

How does it work?
There are many approaches to software development. WorkAround favours an agile process that relies on requirements gathering, iterative development and transparency. We work with you to determine your needs and come up with a plan for delivery. In larger projects, we break things up into smaller pieces so that you can manage your budgets and get useful deliverables earlier. While we are working on the project, we keep a detailed record of our progress for status and billing purposes. After development is complete, we can help you with deployment, hosting and future maintenance.

What platforms do we support?
WorkAround tries to use development platforms that help your business. We have significant experience with several platforms including:

Why WorkAround?
WorkAround specializes in custom workflow applications. We have experience modelling your business processes in software so that your IT infrastructure supports your business. We can make your software assets work together to save you time and money while your business scales up.