Get Rid of Faxes!

There are at least 10 good reasons to get rid of faxes.

1. They’re slow: Typical faxes transmit at 14.4 kbps, we’re talking up to 1 minute per page! Your typical “high-speed lite” package at home transmits at 1 Mpbs that’s 1,000 kbps. That’s almost seventy times (70x) faster! You can transmit a 1,000 page document in just a few minutes.  Think about how fast you can do it at work with a really fast connection?

2. They’re unreliable:  I’m told an industry standard acceptable error rate is about 5%.  That means 1 in 20 faxes will fail (either be cut off completely or be blurred or have solid black boxes blocking big chunks of the page). 5% error rate!  Think about it, you have a 30-page document you need to fax.  It takes say 20 minutes to send, but fails. So you have to start over and stand at the fax machine for another 20 minutes!

3. They’re 50 year-old technology for goodness sake! The first fax machine that plugged into a standard phone jack was introduced in 1966,  “…a unit that would truly set the standard for fax machines for years to come.”  The principals and the technology haven’t changed much in that time. And to be honest the transmissions speeds haven’t increased in 20+ years either!

4. They waste paper:  How many times have you typed up a Word doc, printed it, faxed it, then thrown the printout in the shredder?  Couldn’t you have just sent the original Word doc?  Not to mention the person on the other end is still likely getting a printed version.

5. Email attachment anyone?  Think about how long it takes to just send an email with an attachment, word doc, photo, PDF any combination?  Not long at all, and the recipient gets the docs in their inbox at their desk – or their mobile device these days. Seconds usually.  You can add delivery and read receipts to get confirmation that the docs arrived.

6. Telephony has moved on – so should fax:  We now have VOIP (Voice Over IP)! Phone providers and business are moving their old analog and “digital” phone systems over to VOIP. one down side – you can’t plug an ordinary fax machine into a VOIP line. Another down-side?  FOIP (Fax Over IP) is difficult to configure at the best of times and completely unreliable at the worst. The standards have not kept up with the underlying technologies and why should it?  I can email the doc way faster!

7. An electronic document is just as acceptable in a court as a printed fax:  People used to be concerned that in a court of law, only a real pen signature on a real paper document is acceptable proof of a binding contract etc.  We’ll in Canada and many other countries around the world, there is case-law to show that an electronic version of a document is perfectly acceptable.

8. They’re not secure:  While more secure than a plain unencrypted email, faxes aren’t perfect, they’re not encrypted and anyone with a fax machine and a couple alligator clips could tap your line and get the data. The only reason it’s more secure is because I have to have physical access to that phone line (I can’t snoop it from across the world over the internet).

9. They waste. A lot:  I print the document, I fax the document, your fax machine prints it, you sign it, you fax it back my fax machine prints the document. we now have 3 copies of the document printed.  That’s triple the paper and triple the toner needed. But don’t forget the power wasted on the fax machine running 24×7. What about the extra phone line(s) needed to connect that old fax hog up?

10.They’re expensive:  This goes back to the waste. Paper, Toner, Scanner bulbs, Fuser assembly, phone line monthly fees, power consumption. What did I miss?

I can show you a half-dozen ways that you can exchange documents, yes even critical and private ones, with your business partners that cost less, are more secure, are traceable, are faster, and are easier to use.

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