Junior Developer

WorkAround Software, Inc. is a busy and growing software consultancy specializing in developing custom database applications for clients in Canada and the US. We’re looking for flexible and versatile people who know HTML, CSS and Javascript.

New team members will need to have advanced web development skills to design, code and maintain browser based applications.

Your name goes to the top of the list if:

You are skilled in:

Designing and developing web applications with a working knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript
Testing, supporting, maintaining, and documenting customized applications
Integrating data with external applications (MS Office) and database systems (MS SQL)
Network administration
Quickly learning and understanding existing database designs and industry verticals

You have:

5 or more years experience working with web programming languages
Proven troubleshooting skills for complex technical issues over the phone and via remote desktop technology
Strong analytical skills with the ability to follow documented processes and requests

You also need to be:

Flexible and permitted to travel in Canada and the US
Able to work, independently, remotely and on-site

Bonus points for:

Designing and developing Notes/Domino applications using Formula language, Lotus Script and Java
Designing and developing web applications using .NET
Notes/Domino systems administration

We know you’re going to send us a resume and cover letter that says you meet all of our requirements. What else can you do for us? Please include examples of cases where you contributed to improving an application. We don’t want to know what you “would” do, we want to know what you have done that made an application better.