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Resolved: Office 365 and Active Sync for Mobile Devices

Quick recap:

You’ll recall some time ago we had a client who was experiencing issues with Office 365 and Active Sync.  Well the issue did get worse, eventually it was affecting our own users, but less often and less severely.

The quick fixes we previously posted, were quick, but only temporary.

It took several weeks of back-and-forth, mostly because the issue was intermittent. I had to do much logging with devices and sending those logs to MS operations team for review.  Eventually they did find a reason and issued a patch to the application.  My understanding is this was a global issue and the patch was applied to everyone.

A key takeaway for us at WorkAround in this situation is communication.  We often recommend Office 365 to our clients as a robust, powerful office solution, but it’s important to remember that when the service is down, or throwing bugs, we the admins, have deferred control over the problem resolution to the upstream provider (in this case Microsoft). That said, we have less sway to achieving resolution to the problem, it’s certainly not in our direct control.  So we must communicate with the client before hand that this will be the case. Furthermore during an outage we must keep the client abreast of all we are doing, and ensure communications channels with the upstream provider are strong.

Thanks to Microsoft for working to a satisfactory resolution on this issue.