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Domino Server 8.5 Tip

After having done several Domino Server 8.5.2/.3 installs/upgrades there is one fascinating little bug that comes up each and every time that I find myself having to search the web or to find (each and every time).

The bug is this: you do the install all is working fine, then some time later either after system upgrades or some other routine restart (usually unmanned) the Domino server refuses to restart automatically.  You can start it manually usually with no  problem, but it doesn’t want to start automatically

The Official fix for it can be found on the IBM website.  But trust me, try this first:

  • open your notes.ini file
  • go to a new line at the end of the file
  • add these two entries (making sure they are not duplicates):



  • Replace with your server’s IP address
  • Do a full server restart to ensure Domino starts automatically

If that didn’t work, then follow the link above to ensure IP and firewall settings are all correct on your server.

Hope that was a helpful little tip.

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